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Phil Jones Bass H850 Black Stereo Headphones

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Phil Jones Bass Stereo Headphones.
The world’s First Pair of Headphones Dedicated to Bass Players
Not all headphones are suitable for bass instruments.
Many may sound good for casual listening, but plug them into the headphone jack of a bass amp and you will soon find their limitations.
PJB H-850 headphones are the first pair designed specifically to bridge the gap between high-quality music and deep and clear bass.
They are a result of years of auditioning and analyzing the mechanisms of what works best for the reproduction of music and bass.
Utilizing high power 40mm neodymium magnets and closed back acoustic loading, we were able to achieve superb sound reproduction for both music and bass instruments- 20hz-20khz frequency response.
The H-850 are ergonomically designed with shape and materials to be lightweight so they can be worn comfortably for hours.
They also have excellent acoustic isolation from external noise and headphone bleed through for recording application.
After you try the H-850 you will soon realize these will be your favorite tools.
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