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Pistol Grip Hex-Base Quarter-Turn Mic Stand

On-Stage Stands

$ 0.00 

This revolutionary threadless stand brings an end to the seemingly eternal chore of screwing your microphone stand into your base. In one swift motion, just push down and turn the shaft one-quarter clockwise to lock, or push down and turn one-quarter counter-clockwise to remove. The uniquely shaped 9lb base on this patented item means more room for foot placement. The low profile design makes for an especially stable stand. The pistol grip at the top of the shaft also works in quarter-turns, making for fast height adjustments.


  • Pistol grip clutch
  • Shaft turns 1/4 clockwise to lock or 1/4 counterclockwise to remove
  • Height adj: 33-61"
  • Black finish

Spec Sheet:

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