Revv G3 Overdrive Distortion Ltd Ed Blackout Black Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece. 
This is the Revv G3 Limited Edition Blackout Black Overdrive Electric Guitar Effect Pedal.  
"I had been working on a transistor version of the Purple channel in my spare time for quite a while. 
I mentioned it to the guys one night & they said “What are you doing?! Put it in a pedal!” 
It sounded great right out of the gate but a lot of additional time went into making the G3 feel right under the fingers with even saturation & nice bloom & attack – not flat & sterile. 
Testing with different kinds of rigs – making it as versatile as possible. 
I’m very proud of this because even just in early testing we saw it used in studios, on fly-rig boards with cab modeling direct to front of house, in front of big high gain heads, used with little combos. 
So much positive feedback from touring artists, producers, & session guys – but we still went through over a 16 revisions to get it just right! 
So much music is being made around the world on this pedal & I can’t wait to hear even more."
- Voicing based on Revv’s signature “Purple Channel” from the Generator 120 & 100P
- Clear, sustaining, amp-like tone
- Used by premier metal, rock, prog, blues, fusion, country, punk, & pop artists worldwide
- 3 band EQ, 3 aggression modes, volume, & gain
- 9v center negative tip (external power supply only)
- Easy to dial – get good tone quickly
- Blue LED for status confirmation
This G3 is in very good overall condition- typical small marks from normal use as you can see in pics.
Tested and works as it should.
This is your chance to get your hands on a great overdrive pedal for the price you want. 
Don't pass this by!