Rockbox Boiling Point Hand Painted Electric Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal Swirl Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a super cool piece.
This is a Rockbox Boiling Point Limited Edition Swirl Guitar Overdrive Boost Effects Pedal.
It encorporates a 3 positon diode selector for nearly endless variety of harmonic flavor.
Plexi mode gives you a very Marshall-like response.
Symmetrical Overdrive you get a very organic, tube-like distortion with greater output.
The overtones and response is unlike any other pedal!
The middle position is a clean boost, with more than enough gain to send your favorite tube amp into overdrive heaven.
While Rockbox gave it a tremendous amount of gain, close attention was paid to how the pedal cleans up.
If you're a volume knob player, you'll love how this pedal cleans up for a thick, creamy, clean rhythm sound.
Featuring true-bypass switching.
This is a limited edition, hand-made, hand-painted swirl model.
Few of these exist, especially in this condition.
Some very light marks from normal use.
Fully tested and works as it should.
Includes its original box and packaging.
Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by!