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Seymour Duncan Five-Two Single Coil Telecaster Guitar Neck Pickup - Chrome

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Seymour Duncan Five-Two Tele Neck Pickup in Chrome. Wiring: Push-Back Cloth. Magnet: Alnico 2&5. DC Resistance: 8k Ohm.
The Seymour Duncan Five-Two Tele Neck pickup was designed for players wanting to soften the high-end of their treble strings while maintaining all the high-end response on their bass strings. This was achieved through the hybrid use of Alnico 2 and 5 magnets.
It Alnico 2 rods are positioned under the G,B, and E strings to provide sweet treble response. The Alnico 5 rods are under the low E, A, and D strings for a snappy tone with enhanced midrange and articulation.
For added sound quality, the Five-Two neck pickup is RWRP - reverse wind reverse polarity - so you get hum free performance when used with the bridge pickups.
The pickup has a deep drawn chrome cover and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free performance. It fits any standard Tele neck routes.
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