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Seymour Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup George Lynch

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Seymour Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon Guitar Humbucker. Wiring: 4-Conductor Magnet: Alnico 5. DC Resistance: 10.1k Ohm.
The Seymour Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon is a medium output humbucker that delivers crisp 80's sizzle with a scooped midrange.
The SH-12 features slightly overwound coils and Alnico 5 bar magnet, and uses a mix of pole pieces that include one row of standard adjustable screws and one row of Allen head screws.
Other features include nickel silver bottom plate, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and vacuum wax potting for squeal free performance.
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