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Seymour Duncan STR52-1 Five-Two Single Coil Telecaster Tele Guitar Neck Pickup

Seymour Duncan

$ 99.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Seymour Duncan Five-Two Tele Neck Pickup. Wiring: Waxed Cloth. Magnet: Hybrid Alnico 2&5. DC Resistance: 8k ohm.
The Seymour Duncan Five-Two Tele neck pickup was intially designed for specific Nashville players who were looking to soften their treble attack. Their enthusiastic response made Duncan add it to their production roster.
The Five-Two has a tone all its own- owing to the hybrid magnets Duncan used.
​Alnico 2 under the treble strings to sweeten them and alnico 5 under the bass strings to add more snap. The result is incredible.
This is your chance to add some great new tones to your favorite ax.
We are an authorized Seymour Duncan dealer.
Don't pass this by.