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Seymour Duncan Twang Banger Strat Stratocaster Guitar Bridge Pickup Black

Seymour Duncan

$ 79.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Seymour Duncan Twang Banger Strat Guitar Bridge Pickup. Wiring: Push-Back Cloth. Magnet: Alnico 2. DC Resistance: 8.3k Ohm.
The Seymour Duncan Twang Banger Strat pickup gives your Strat bridge position all the snap and twang of a Telecaster.
The Twang Banger has a Tele Lead style construction with a vintage-hot Tele style winding, sand cast Alnico 2 rod magnets with modern staggered pole pieces, and a copper-plated steel bottom plate.
The pickup has a waxed cloth-covered push back lead wire and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free performance. It fits any standard Strat bridge route.
We are an authorized Seymour Duncan dealer. Don't pass this by.