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Seymour Duncan USA Antiquity 1955 Tele Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup

Seymour Duncan

$ 105.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Seymour Duncan Antiquity 1955 Tele Guitar Pickup. Wiring: 2-conductor push-back cloth. Magnet: Alnico 2. DC Resistance: 6.5k Ohm.
This Antiquity has classic spanky 50s Tele Lead tone but with raised D and G poles for better string balance.
After early production of the flat-pole Telecaster lead pickup, in 1954 Fender began to manufacture them with raised D and G poles to provide a more even string response and output for those guitars with a 7.25″ radius fretboard. You get the same bright, twangy tone as our flat pole Antiquity Tele Lead but with a little more edge.
Each pickup is hand-fabricated and scatter-wound in our Custom Shop, and all parts are aged to give the look and sound of a pickup that has been played for decades. We use vintage style push back cloth wire, and they are all lacquered and potted in lamp black paraffin wax, just like they were in the 50s.
We are an authorized Seymour Duncan dealer.