Steve Vai Carvin Legacy 100 Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Head

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Welcome, you are looking at an exciting Legacy example.
This was Steve Vai's Carvin Legacy 100 Amplifier Head that he gifted to his nephew.
As you can read in the attestation, Steve gave this to his nephew in 2001, and would play through it when visiting and helping Roger work out parts.
The perfect balance between a Mesa and a Marshall, 5 12ax7s and a quad of EL34s.
This head is in excellent condition as you can see in pictures- typical marks from transport.
We have Steve's own Ibanez JEM7V, his RG450DX (Mina), as well as his one-of-a-kind Despagni, in separate listings.
This is a fantastic chance to own a great amp with a great lineage.
Don't pass this by!