Tech 21 Geddy Lee YYZ SansAmp Electric Bass Guitar Effect Effects Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Tech 21 NYC Geddy Lee YYZ Sansamp Bass DI Effect Pedal.
Geddy is one of the most noted bassists of all time.
Wanting to streamline and simplify his gear for new projects, Geddy Lee partnered with Tech 21 to design a signature rackmount SansAmp, the GED-2112.
This challenging collaboration involved distilling a boatload of equipment into a single rackspace. Challenging ourselves, to bring a super-compact, portable alternative, we further distilled the rackmount into a pedal format.
The SansAmp YYZ offers Geddy’s core sound and the versatility for many different styles.
• All analog SansAmp technology enables you to record directly and enhance previously recorded tracks. For live performances, the YYZ can drive a power amp and speakers, augment your existing amplifier set-up, or run directly into the mixer of a PA system. Add this bit of text.
• Mix control to blend the ratio of high-end studio clean and dirty bass tube amp tones.
• Tight button to add definition to your notes in cleaner settings and make distorted tones snappier.
• Drive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive, similar to when the output section of a tube amp is being pushed.
• Active 3-band EQ.
• Master volume.
The Tech 21 NYC SansAmp YYZ Bass DI is the perfect fix-it tool to keep in your case, gig bag, or pedal board.
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