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Tone Master USA Hand-Wound NoCaster Tele Electric Guitar Pickup Set Alnico 5 #17

Tone Master

$ 200.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Tone Master USA Handwound NoCaster Tele Electric Guitar Pickup Set.
Tone Master is quickly become a highly regarded name among players in the know.
Bobby's business started with incredibly accurate 'PAF' clones. Word spread fast and his line progressed from there.
Having a true love of vintage guitars, Bobby at TM hand builds all of his pickups to original spec, making them some of the most accurate vintage replacements on the scene.
This is a beauty- butyrate bobbins, enamel cloth covered wire, alnico 5 magnets- as close to the real thing as you will find aftermarket.
Wound to 7.26k (bridge) and 7.48k (neck).
The perfect sparkle in the bridge position and silky warm sustain in the neck.
The perfect pickup for those wanting authentic Nocaster tones.
This is your chance to add some fantastic sounds to your favorite ax.
Don't pass this by!
Internal Reference: 17