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Used Blackstar HT-Club 50 50-Watt Electric Guitar All-Tube Amp Amplifier Head - Black


$ 499.95 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Blackstar HT Club 50 Tube Amp Head.
The Blackstar HT Club 50 head is an all tube amp that is designed for stellar tones and versatility.
It has a 2-channel ECC83 driven preamp for glassy cleans and true tube overdrive and distortion, and the EL34 power section pushes the 50 watts with multiple speaker outs for 16 and 8 ohms.
The onboard reverb has switchable dark/light tonality, and there is an FX loop to patch in your favorite outboard effects.
A moderately powered amp is the trick to stellar stage and studio tones. The full-power volume difference between a 50 watt amp and a 100 watt amp is approximately 3 decibels; or the volume of a whisper. But the 50 watter will reach the sweet spot of power tube overdrive at lower ouput volume because it has substantially less clean headroom.
The HT Club 50's wattage allows the player to take full advantage of the power tubes and there ability to produce smooth overdrives when pushed, and the speaker-emulated output is perfect for recording or directly feeding a mixer for live use.
The black on black look, with piping, create a stunningly vintage vibe with a truly modern stance.
This Blackstar HT Club 50 Head is destined help you stand out with exciting tones and custom-shop looks.
This amp is in very good overall condition- typical tolex marks from normal use.
There is no footswitch included.
We are an authorized Blackstar dealer. Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by.