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Used T.C. Electronic Ditto Looper Electric Guitar Analog Loop Mini Effect Pedal

TC Electronic

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Welcome to All Music Inc's Musicdungeon. You are looking at the TC Electronic Ditto Looper. This pedal, like all TC Electronic products, is built with guitar players in mind. It is simple, stripped, down, easy to use, and packed with tone-making technology. This pedal is true-bypass and dry-through - whether you are using the pedal or not, your dry signal passes through unadulterated to preserve your tone perfectly. It has up to 5 minutes of looping time, meaning you'll probably never run out of space when running live. Plus, there are unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functions so you can delete and call back loops. A unit perfectly conceived for the live setting. no bell or whistles, no crazy features, nothing to slow the creative flow. Just great tone and simple design to let the grooves flow.

This great little used unit can be a great practice tool, or a tool to inspire creativity. With such a small footprint on your pedalboard, it is a must have. Don't pass this by.