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Vintage 1958 Manuel Velazquez Classical Nylon String Acoustic Guitar w/Case

Manuel Velazquez

$ 19,999.95 

Welcome. You are looking at a great piece. This is the Vintage 1958 Manuel Velazquez Classical Guitar. 25.5" scale. 2.01" nut width. 14.5" bottom bout. 3.75" deep. 3 lbs 4 oz.
I generally don't weigh acoustic guitars, but this is just impressive- feels weightless, which is a big part of the 'Velazquez' tone.
This instrument is a one owner example. The original owner passed away in 1994, and the guitar was kept as a family heirloom until it came to us.
Manuel Velazquez New York instruments are highly celebrated by players the world over- from classical players to Keith Richards.
The reason is simple- there are very few classical guitars with the tone of the handmade Velazquez instruments.
Velazquez started building guitars as a child, guided by his father's knowledge of woods.
Manuel used only the finest woods, and, by the late 50's, over 30 years of luthier knowledge went into the creation of this instrument.
The back and sides here are tight grained rosewood and the top here has a gorgeous piece of spruce with bear claw figuring.
This guitar has a tone that can best be described as 'alive'- exceptional resonance, very balanced, and incredibly dynamically sensitive.
Chords are absolutely huge while retaining note articulation.
Single note line jump off the soundboard with a full, round sound.
Just incredible.
One of Long Island's most renowned luthiers played this instrument and was awestruck by its tone. It's not very often you come across an instrument this lively.
The neck here has a fantastic feel- .84" deep at the 5th fret with a flat U profile. This, combined with the traditional concave fretboard radius, makes for a comfortable player.
The look here is classic- natural finish showing off the rosewood grains, bear-claw figuring, multi-ply body binding/purfling, and open geared machines.
This Velazquez is in very good overall condition- there is a cleated hairline repair on the top and well as the typical repaired hairline on the treble side of the headstock under the machines.
The frets here are clean- set up with action of 11/64" at the 12th fret low E. The intonation here is very good- almsot spot on when checked with an electronic tuner.
This auction includes the hardshell case in pics.
This is your chance to get your hands on a very rare coveted Velazquez example for the price you want.
Don't pass this by!