Vintage 1962 Pre-CBS Fender USA Bandmaster Brownface Amplifier Amp & 2x12 Cab

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Welcome, you looking at on a great piece.
This is the Vintage Pre-CBS 1962 Fender Bandmaster Brownface Piggyback Head & 2x12 Cabinet.
In the late 1950's the Fender Bandmaster was a benchmark for great looks, sweet tone, and powerful performance.
Originals are considered one of the holy grails of guitar amps.
If you are looking for true classic Fender tube tone, this is where you want to be.
The head is the 6G7A Bandmaster Brownface- pot code and chassis serial put this to 1962.
Featuring dual 6L6s's, 4 7025's, and dual 12ax7's.These tubes bring everything from those sweet Fender cleans, and, at 40 watts, pushed true output tube overdrives.
The vibrato here is nice and tight for that classic effect.
This auction includes the blonde 2x12 cabinet, speaker date to mid 60s- the perfect complement to this amp- both sonically and aesthetically.
This pair is in good condition, lots of staining/marks, this one's been played and has a story to tell.
3-prong cable has splits in the exterior- does not affect performance.
Cabinet is missing one 'foot' on bottom as you can see in pics.
There is no footswitch included.
Head and cab are tested and work as they should.Here is your chance to get an amazing Bandmaster Blonde pair from Pre-CBS Fender.
We are an authorized Fender dealer.
Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by!
**Local pickup available in Plainview, NY**