Vintage 1966 Rickenbacker 360-12 12-String Fireglo Electric Guitar w/ Case Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a beautiful vintage piece.
This is the Vintage 1966 Rickenbacker 360/12 Fireglo Electric Guitar.
24.75" scale. 1.60" nut width. 7 lbs 5 oz.
.84"-.92" 1st to 12th fret neck depth.
From The Beatles to Tom Petty to The Eagles to The Who to REM...the list goes on forever.
Rickenbacker has provided the guitar tones for a stunning number of classic songs.
This 360/12, with its maple semi-acoustic body and Toaster Top pickups, brings the quintessential Rickenbacker tone to life.
These incredible pickups combine with the body to provide a beautiful tone.
The bridge pickup provides those sparkling cleans that were the inspiration for a million songs.
The neck pickup combined with the semi-acoustic body gives that special warmth.
Rich with character, you can only get this from the source.
This 1966, this has the Rick-O-Sound stereo output, and external box, so you can run each pickup to its own amp, opening up an entire new world of tones.
The neck here is a comfortably thin C profile- just .86" deep at the 5th fret- enabling lightning fast lead work and position shifts.
The deep body cutaway enables uninhibited access to the entire fretboard.
The FireGlo finish, neck figuring, back binding, neck binding, bound cat's eye soundhole, and triangle fret markers make for an impressive look.
This 360/12 is in very good overall condition- especially for its age. Typical marks from normal use and 56 years and lacquer chipping on the fingerboard- nothing that affects the tone or playability whatsoever.
The frets are clean- setup with action of just over 3/32" at the 12th fret low E.
This auction includes the hardshell case and Rick-O-Sound box in pics.
This is your chance to get your hands on an incredible Rickenbacker from the golden age- 1966.
Don't pass this by!