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Vintage 1973 Marshall Super Lead 100w Electric Guitar Amplifier Amp Head w/ Cover


$ 2,499.95 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Vintage 1973 Marshall Super Lead Electric Guitar Amplifier Head.
Marshall amplifiers are synonymous with rock guitar.
The Super Lead has been the driving force behind a million classic guitar tones.
This particular Super Lead head is a pure Marshall tone machine.
A quad of EL34s/6CA7s and a trio of 12ax7s bring that tone out to the speakers at 100w.
The Super Leads have some serious output- a '1' they're already cooking, so there's a ton of clean headroom.
This Marshall has the Master Volume mod- the Presence knob is now the master and the Presence is on the back.
This allows you to get that classic Marshall crunch at lower volumes.
Jump the channels and the gains are absolutely amazing.
The crunch tone on this Super Lead is exactly what you hear in your head when you think 'Marshall'- biting mids and sweet bottom end.
Flip over to your neck humbucker and the sustain is right there. This Super Lead is in good overall condition- there was a fan installed on the side with a switch for it on the front- the fan wires are cut and heat shrinked- so it is now fully disabled.
The power cord was replaced at some point as well.
This amplifier has been fully tested and works as it should- we had this cranked in the store for hours loving the hell out of it.
This is your chance to get your hands on a real treat- a true vintage tone machine- the 1973 Marshall Super Lead head.
Don't pass this by!