Vintage Peavey USA Mace VT Electric Guitar Amplifier w/ Footswitch Onboard Phaser Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. 
This is the Vintage 1978 Peavey USA Mace VT Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier.
27"x20"x11". 78 lbs.
A true American classic which was a favorite of southern rock bands- most notably Lynryd Skynyrd.
The magic of the Mace is the solid state preamp with the 6 6L6 power section.
There are 2 channels here, but plugging into the Combiner input you can switch back and forth between the channels or run them in tandem.
This amp starts to get dirty around 9 o'clock on the pre-gains- if you go just below that you have a little bit of dirt only when you dig in- very responsive. 
Onboard you also have a true spring reverb and a phaser.
Set the phaser slow and it just adds that little extra sweetness to the overall tone, run it full up for special effects.
This great classic tone runs into dual Eminence 12" speakers, dating to 1978.
This Mace is in good overall condition as you can see in pictures- typical marks from age and normal use.
Tested and works as it should- save for typical scratching in the pots.
This is your chance to add a piece of Peavey and Southern Rock history to your backline.
We've been a Peavey dealer for the better part of two decades.
Buy with confidence.
Don't pass this by!