Vox Japan JSDL Satriani Time Machine Delay Guitar Effect Effects Pedal Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Vox JSDL Satriani Time Machine Delay Guitar Effect Pedal.
The Time Machine is a multi-function delay designed to the exact specifications of world-renowned guitar icon Joe Satriani. 
Joe wanted a delay that would offer the best of modern delays combined with the warmth, musicality and character of the best vintage delay pedals. 
He also wanted to incorporate his favorite EQ points that he uses to sculpt delay effects on stage and in the studio to make the guitar sit perfectly in the mix. 
The result is the Time Machine.
The Time Machine has a dual nature complete with two delay modes. 
Mode 1 is Modern– mirroring your original sound with full clarity and fidelity. 
Mode 2 is Vintage– limiting the frequency response and adding in soft distortion– along with subtle analog-accurate tape warble. 
Further tone enhancements come from the Hi-Fi/ o-Fi switch. The Hi-Fi setting delivers a transparent, uncoloured sound, while the Lo-Fi setting serves up Joe’s custom EQ filter settings, allowing smooth blending into any musical situation.
The delay time ranges from a 30ms slapback to nearly six full seconds (5,800ms) of delay. 
Use the Tap Tempo function to quickly set the delay time on the fly– including straight eighths, triplets and more. 
The original signal and the delayed signal exit on different outputs, allowing either one to be further processed individually.
- Dual-mode delay: “modern” and “vintage.”
- Two EQ modes: “Hi-Fi” or “Lo-Fi”
- Broad delay time range, with tap tempo control
- Independent wet and dry stereo outputs
- Controls: Level, Delay Range, Time, Feedback, ON SW, Tap & Modern/Vintage SW, Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi SW
- In/Outputs: 1/4″ Input, 1/4″ Output, AC power input (9V)
- Max Delay Time: 5800 milliseconds via Tap-Tempo, 1000 milliseconds via Delay control
This Time Machine is in good condition as you can see in pics- typical small marks from normal use.
Tested and works as it should.
This is your chance to add a fantastic delay to your pedalboard.
Don't pass this by.