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Waldorf Streichfett Synthesizer Synth Desktop String Modeling Keyboard Module


$ 369.99 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Waldorf Streichfett String Desktop Analog Synthesizer Module.
Waldorf is a trusted name in synths & modules.
Streichfett combines the best of the previously extinct species of String Synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s. Its dual sound engine features a fully polyphonic strings section and an eight voice solo section, which is essential for recreating classic movie sounds from the 70s and 80s. The Ensemble Effect provides depth and movement to the String Section, while the Effects section adds adjustable Phaser and Reverb. Additionally, the Animate Effect can be used to modulate the strings registration, allowing spectacular sound morphs.
-128 voice fully polyphonic Strings section
-Continuos morphing of Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass, Organ, Choir and more Registrations
-Animate Effect for Modulation of Strings Registration
-Ensemble Effect for Strings
-Eight voice polyphonic Solo section
-Layer/Split for Solo section
-Continuos morphing of Bass, E-Piano, Clavi, Synth, and Pluto for Solo Tone
-Tremolo for Solo section
-12 programmable patches
-Stereo output
-Headphone output
-MIDI in/out
-Volume Pot
-Strings Section with organic preset select, Crescendo and Release pots
-3-state Octave switch (Base/Both/8va)
-3-state Ensemble Mode switch
-Ensemble Effect pushbutton
-Solo Section with organic solo sound select pot
-Tremolo pot
-3 state split switch (low/layer/high)
-2 state sustain switch
-Balance pot
-Effect Section with 3 state switch (Chorus/Phase/Animate)
-Effect Depth pot
-3 state switch for memory bank position (A, B, C)
-4 pushbuttons for program number (1 to 4)
-Stereo Audio out (Left/Stereo, Right/Mono)
-Headphone out
-MIDI in/out
One of the best analog modelers on the scene.
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