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ZVex Fuzzolo Silicon Fuzz Box Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


$ 169.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the ZVex Fuzzolo Silicon Fuzz pedal.

The ZVex Fuzzolo is a pedalboard friendly silicon fuzz with rich texture and aggressive midrange.

Its two control knob setup keeps dialing in the perfect fuzz quick and simple. One controls Volume and the other controls Pulse Width which sweeps between square wave and narrow/wide pulse shapes.

This is a perfect fuzz for guitar or bass, and works with both active and passive pickups, selectable via a switchable jumper inside the pedal.

This mini-sized box doesn't take batteries. It works of 9-volt power supply. This keeps the fuzz tone consistent, without ever losing tone thanks to a dying battery.

We are an authorized ZVex dealer. Buy with confidence. Don't pass this by.