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ZVEX Vexter Series Box Of Rock Overdrive Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal Used


$ 149.95 $ 219.00

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Used ZVex Box Of Rock Vexter Effect Pedal.
The Box Of Rock is a stellar sounding pedal that is designed to simulate the mighty tones of a 1966 Marshall JTM45 that's running full tilt.
It has a distortion circuit for amazing overdrives and all-out saturation, and there is a super-high headroom boost that follows the distortion module.
Putting it behind the distortion allows a substantial volume boost for solos and leads, whereas putting the boost in the usual pre-distortion position merely drives the distortion into heavier gain but fails to deliver tangible volume increase at the amp. The boost can also be used for clean boost with the distortion disengaged.
There are four controls for dialing in your perfect tone. The Drive knob varies the amount of distortion. The Volume control allows for matching distortion level with bypassed level. The Tone knob adjusts the treble frequencies to add bite or clarity. And the Boost control lets you set the amount of boost provided.
The ZVex Box Of Rock Vexter is the perfect pedal for someone looking for stellar tube-like distortion with the capability to really amp it up for solos.
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