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Seymour Duncan USA STL-1 Vintage Broadcaster 50s Tele Electric Guitar Pickup Set

Seymour Duncan

$ 119.00 

Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. This is the Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster Tele Pickup Set. Wiring: 2-conductor shielded. Magnet: Alnico 5. DC Resistance: 8k Ohm. Neck Wiring: 2-conductor. Magnet: Alnico 5. DC Resistance: 8k Ohm.
"Our Vintage Broadcaster set delivers that classic 50s Telecaster tone with extra punch and twang.
A faithful tribute to the originals, our Vintage Broadcaster set is the perfect choice for discerning players who demand something more from their Tele pickups. The lead pickups larger diameter magnets and higher output coax biting treble and snarly mids for raucous riffs and stinging lead runs from any Telecaster. The rhythm pickup is designed for a smooth, open tone with warm lower mids and airy highs. With its hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, this neck pickup will deliver big full sounding chords. Warm enough for most types of rhythm playing, but percussive enough for chicken pickin as well. Since 1978, weve been building all of our vintage Fender style single coil pickups with the right color and thickness of Forbon flatwork, along with the period correct magnet stagger. Each pickup comes complete with waxed and tinned cloth pushback hook-up wires and traditional keyed bottom plate. We hand file the flatwork, assemble, and lacquer the bobbin just as it was done during Fenders Golden Age. Each pickup is potted in our wax formulation for squeal free performance."
This is your chance to add that extra something special to your tone in one easy step.
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