Benz Supreme Comfort BSC5SA20 Alto Saxophone Sax Reed #2 Box of 5 Reeds NOS

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Box of 5 Benz Supreme Comfort #2 alto sax reeds!
Benz Supreme Comfort reeds are meticulously crafted to provide a more fulfilling playing experience.
It's no longer necessary to shell out hard earned cash on boxes of reeds with only two or three reeds that actually play!
Each Benz reed is carefully selected and rigorously tested for optimum playability before it's placed in the box.
The Comfort cut is designed for the more traditional musician playing a variety of classical music and jazz standards.
We recently bought out a local music store, and as such, will be listing several items as new old stock. These have never been sold or played.
We will adjust shipping on multiples accordingly.
Don't pass this by!