Boss MO-2 Multi-Overtone Multi Overtone Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a really cool piece.
This is the Boss MO-2 Multi-Overtone Electric Guitar Effect Pedal.
This unique pedal will transform your guitar tone into a whole new world of sounds.
This pedal uses new proprietary technology from boss as well as a custom DSP to offer you 3 unique modes.
It can unlock sounds of multi-layered flute-like tones to fat tones almost like organs and synths.
The available Detune knob lets you easily tweak the pedal to get unique modulation effects mixed into your signal.
Like many other Boss pedals, this MO-2 is very responsive to your playing leaving you with plenty of dynamics in your sound.
This pedal is truly a tweakers dream with so many sounds and adjustments available.
We are an authorized Boss dealer.
Don't pass this by!