Digitech Luxe Pitch Electric Guitar Polyphonic Detune Effect Pedal Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a super cool piece. 
This is the Digitech Luxe Polyphonic Detune Effect Pedal.
The DigiTech Luxe is an anti-chorus, DigiTech's first stand-alone, compact, polyphonic detune pedal. 
The Luxe takes the detune effect from the popular Whammy product line and adds positive and negative detune capabilities. 
The Luxe detune will add consistent 'thickening' to your signal without the modulating side effects introduced by a chorus effect. 
Whether you’re playing single notes or chords, the Luxe provides a lush, solid, and true pitch-detuning effect. Clean guitar chords shimmer. 
Distorted guitar harmonics are richly enhanced. 
The Luxe simply makes everything sound better.
This pedal is in very good overall condition- typical marks from normal use.
Fully tested and works as it should.
This is your chance to add an exciting 'anti-chorus' to your board.
Don't pass this by!