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Electro-Harmonix / JHS Lizard Queen Big Box Fuzz Octave Guitar Effect Pedal Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Electro-Harmonix / JHS Lizard Queen Big Box Fuzz Octave Effect Pedal. #677/1000.
THE LIZARD QUEEN was originally designed, in secret, as a loving tribute to the historic sound and design of the iconic Electro-Harmonix effects of the 1970s-1980s by Josh Scott of JHS Pedals alongside artist and EHX archivist Daniel Danger in the Spring of 2021. One of the initial six screen-printed “big box” builds was presented to Mike Matthews the following year to coincide with the JHS Show episode “Making a Vintage Electro-Harmonix Pedal.” The reaction and demand from the pedal community was incredible and could not be ignored. Thus, a partnership between Electro-Harmonix and JHS Pedals was formed to bring the LIZARD QUEEN OCTAVE FUZZ out of the shadows and into the sun. Electro-Harmonix has produced and manufactured the LIZARD QUEEN NANO, an affordable and pedal-board friendly compact version, and JHS Pedals has produced and manufactured the limited edition “big box” version, handmade and assembled by JHS in Kansas City in the style of the classic mid-70s EHX releases. 
The transistors are finicky, the screen print ink is toxic, and there’s cigarette smoke in the break room.  This pedal is a nod to how things used to be, warts and all.  You may see minor blemishes on the shiny sliver case or hand-printed silk screen.  Also, just like a vintage EHX, you may also notice very slight sonic differences between these units due to the vintage-inspired circuit and parts tolerances of the era-appropriate parts. 
Congratulations. You have just purchased the finest octave fuzz distortion device developed to date for the electric guitar player.
THE LIZARD QUEEN will give you violin-like sustain sound to raspy biting octave-tinged tones made famous by such players as Josh Scott and Daniel Danger.
OPERATION: Connect your guitar into the input jack and run a second cord from the amplifier jack to an amplifier of your choosing.
VOLUME CONTROL sets the output level. BALANCE sets the balance of the tone between the SHADOW and SUN sounds. SHADOW is a smoother sustaining BIG MUFF PI sound while SUN is a raspy, biting gated fuzz sound. You will find the BALANCE control behaves very differently depending on the OCTAVE level.
OCTAVE sets the octave-up blend level. POWER from the internal 9 volt battery is activated by plugging into the input. The OFF/ON switch should be set to off when the unit is not in use to avoid running down the battery.
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