Ibanez Steve Vai Owned RG450DX 'Mina' White Electric Guitar w/ HSC

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Welcome, you are looking at an exciting Ibanez example.
This is the 1996 Steve Vai Owned Ibanez RG450DX 'Mina' White Electric Guitar.
25.5" scale. 43mm nut width. 7 lbs 11 oz.
.72"-.82" 1st to 12th fret neck depth.
This RG450 is a monster and it was one of Steve's personal guitars- nicknamed 'Mina'.
This is the JEM Steve Vai had used for practicing and as a 'stunt guitar'.
As a lifelong Vai fan it's wild to think what classic Vai licks were played on this guitar, not to mention what new ideas were created.
Steve took this out of his collection and sent it to his childhood home on Long Island as a gift to his nephew.
And, as you can see from the pics, Steve put in some serious time on this guitar, all the marks and wear are from Steve himself.
This Ibanez is set up and ready to play.
The hardshell Ibanez case itself is well-worn and in fair condition.
We have the the Long Island practice rig for sale- the Carvin Legacy, early Despagni Wyld Style mini, and Vai JEM signed guitar (in separate listings).
This is a fantastic chance to own an instrument from Steve's personal collection.
Don't pass this by!