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Mojo Hand FX Extra Special Overdrive Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Mojo Hand FX Extra Special Electric Guitar Effect Pedal.
The Extra Special takes the idea behind the highly successful Mojo Hand FX DMBL and cranks it to eleven.
The Extra Special excels at the medium to higher gain tones associated with those legendary amps.
Don’t be fooled though, it’s no “one trick pony." It boasts a nice range of usable sounds, from clean to mean.
Controls include the standard Volume, Gain, and Tone knobs, along with an Accent knob that acts much like a Presence or Contour control.
It also features a 2-way toggle for Jazz or Rock voicings.
Like all Mojo Hand FX pedals, it comes in a sturdy, die-cast aluminum enclosure with true bypass switching, powder-coated finish, and UV printed artwork.
-2-way tone toggle (up: jazz/cuts high frequencies, down: rock)
-True bypass
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