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Occupational Octaves Piano Book Special Needs Music Instruction Lessons Method Book 1

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Occupational Octaves Piano is a revolutionary program designed for students with Autism and other special needs to play the piano correctly and enrich their minds through music.
It has proven to be extremely successful with hundreds of students through thousands of Occupational Octaves Piano lessons!
The enabler and driving force behind student accomplishment is a new language of music named Lee Stockner's Music Box Method.
It is a Special-Needs-User-Friendly system of colored letters in rhythmically designed boxes accompanied by colored rings that students wear (which come with the book).
It is an alternative musical language (recognized by the ISMN Agency) and the ONLY one to perfectly translate all of the exact same musical instructions found in traditional music - which note to play, which finger to use, and how long to hold.
This means that when low functioning, highly behavioral, nonverbal and hyperactive Occupational Octaves PianoTM students are learning to play songs, scales, flats, sharps, chords, etc., they're using the SAME notes, fingers and beats as you and your traditionally learning students would when reading the same songs written in traditional music notation.