Vintage 1972 Ibanez Japan Electric Guitar and Bass Double Neck Sunburst Preowned

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece. 
This is the Vintage 1972 Ibanez Electric Guitar/Bass Double Neck.
34" scale (bass), 25.5" scale (guitar).
1.59" nut (bass), 1.63" nut (guitar).
.86"-.96" neck depth (bass), .80"-.93" neck depth (guitar). 
14 lbs 6 oz total weight.
This is a rare example, might have been a special order as I cannot find another one in an 'Fender' style, only 'SG' style.
On the guitar side there are 2 Maxon single coils and one replacement Fender Strat single coil, wired to a 3-way switch.
The bass side features dual 'J' single coils, also wired to a 3-way switch.
The knob layout is Volume (bass), Volume (guitar), and a shared tone pot.
You can run the guitar and bass individually or together. 
Of course it's extremely cool to see a 'Strat'-style tremolo on the guitar side.
While there are many chips and marks, as you can see in pictures, this instrument is in good condition for a 52 year old double neck.
The screws under the plates are to defend against neck shift, might be factory, might be aftermarket.
The neck screws themselves are replacements.
The jack plate has been moved slightly so the screws could grab wood
The G-string tuner is missing the bushing, it is a 12mm which I cannot find at the moment and I didn't want to ream the hole to insert a modern.
The frets here are in very good condition- this Ibanez is set up and ready to play.
We don't have a case for this, but we will ship for safe arrival as well as insure in full.
This is your chance to add a SUPER rare, possibly one-off, vintage Ibanez to your collection.
Don't pass this by.