D'Addario PW GM-25 Custom Series Microphone Cable 25ft XLR to 1/4"

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Welcome to All Music Inc, you are looking at a player's necessity. This is D'Addario's PW GM-25 Custom Series Microphone Cable. 

D'Addario combines durability and flexibility in their Custom Series cables.  Gold Plated plugs allow for optimal signal transfer from XLR to 1/4" jack, and an increased lifespan. These connectors have copper shielding tube and encapsulated soldering points to provide extra protection within, and extra flexible polymer endings to withstand the harshness of the stage.

As for the guts, the Custom Series features oxygen free copper conductor sealed in  foam Polyethylene insulation. This is then wrapped in a conductive PVC jacket that is wrapped in a foil shield and a dense braided shield that is all encased in a durable and flexible polymer jacket.

We are an authorized D'Addario dealer. Don't hold off on replacing your old cables.