Maxon Japan OD-9 Pro Plus Overdrive Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

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Welcome, you are looking at a great piece.
This is the Maxon OD-9 Pro Plus Overdrive Electric Guitar Effect Pedal.
The Nine Series Overdrive Pro+ takes Maxon’s classic OD-9 circuit and serves it up with two side orders of Whoop-Ass in the form of 9/18 volt operation and a Mid Boost switch.
In 9-volt setting the Pro+ sounds and functions like the standard OD-9 with the added option of a healthy +3 dB of midrange boost at approximately 800 Hz (actual frequency is dependent on Control settings)– great for cutting through a band during solos.
When set to 18-volts the OD-9 Pro+ becomes an 800-pound Gorilla, offering up beefier lows, tighter saturation, improved dynamics and a chunky, aggressive pick attack that will make your amp sound and feel like it just took a Viagra.
Switch on the Mid Boost in this mode and let your solos breathe fire.
Don’t just play like the pros – play with the Pro Plus.
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