Fender Blues Junior Limited Edition Surf Green Guitar Tube Combo Amplifier Amp Preowned

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Welcome to All Music Inc! Right now, you are looking at an incredible, Factory Special Run amplifier.
This is a Fender Blues Junior Limited Edition Guitar Tube Combo Amplifier.
This Blues Jr. is an all-tube combo that pushes a classic 15-watts of true Fender tone dressed in a killer looking package!
The preamp section houses three 12AX7 tubes for classic cleans and overdrives.
The power section has a pair of EL84 tubes.
Because the Blues Jr. is a lower wattage amp, you can crank the volume to tap into the sweet power tube sustain and distortion without blowing out your windows and neighbors - perfect for smaller gigs also!
It's in excellent overall condition. Fully tested, and sounds amazing, just like you'd expect. Normal marks from use and transport.
Please carefully look through all of our detailed photos for a better visual description.
Don't miss out on an incredible deal on an amazing combo amp for a great price.
We've been an authorized Fender dealer for nearly three decades.
Don't pass this by.