JEM Steve Vai Owned Despagni Wyld Styles MC Mini Swirl Dipped Electric Guitar

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Welcome, you are looking at an exciting JEM example.
This is the Vai-owned JEM Joe Despagni Wyld Styles MC Mini Electric Guitar.
16.5" scale. 1.62" nut width. 3 lbs 8 oz.
.77"-.89" 1st to 10th fret neck depth.
As many know Joe Despagni, Jem Custom Guitars, was one of Steve Vai's best friends and hugely instrumental in the Jem designs we know today- from the radical features to the swirl dipping.
Despagni made some of Vai's coolest guitars from the DLR era- the Green Monster (Swiss Cheese) and the Flame guitar.
Vai: "If not for my relationship with Jow Despagni, Steve Vai the guitar player and the Ibanez JEM would most certainly not be as they are known today."
Joe only made an estimated 3 of these swirl-dipped minis, and he gave this one to Steve.
Not only does this swirl-dipped mini have a fantastic aesthetic, it is also very playable, currently set up with 10s, D-standard an octave up, and signed by Steve Vai.
The frets here are clean, this is ready to play or display.
This is a fantastic chance to own an instrument from Steve's personal collection.
Don't pass this by!