All Music’s Private Collection. Building Outside the Box

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All Music’s Private Collection. Building Outside the Box

Here at All Music, we’re building guitars that are like no other. The main objective with the Private Collection was to build the guitars that we wanted to play and to be able to say “Yes, we can do it!” to anything our customers could dream of. Each Guitar we build for our Private collection is the brain-child of All Music owner Guy Brogna and our in house Luthier and Tech-extraordinaire Randy Weiner. When we embark on the journey of creating a new guitar, the questions we ask are, “what can we do to make this guitar unique, great sounding and different from what everyone else is doing?” Building an instrument for a customer is a personal experience. It needs to be a journey, and a “hands on” pursuit, more than just looking through a catalog of options and filling in check marks. When you come into our store with the intention of building a private collection guitar, we have necks, bodies and pickups all on display solely for the purpose of showing you what some of your options can look like, instead of just telling you, because it’s hard to choose a neck profile if you can’t wrap your hands around it. Here at All Music, we build guitars we believe in, and we’ll build the guitar of your dreams better than anyone else can.

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