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Come see Michael play live at All Music as well as tell some great stories, answer questions and autograph signing. As always, FREE at All Music! Saturday May4  at 5:30pm Meet and greet following show #allmusicinc #MichaelBatio #MichaelAngeloBatio #Batio #Nitro #GuitarClinic #Clinic #ElectricGuitar #Guitar #ElectricGuitars #Guitars #Shred #ShredGuitar #ShredGuitars

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This amp seems to be a staple, whether it’s live venues, rehearsal spaces, or music stores.  What leads so many guitar players to the same amplifier? At $799 brand new, with older models often selling from anywhere between $400 and $500, the Hot Rod Deluxe surely sits in an affordable price range.

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This will be the 3rd time we at All Music have been gifted with a visit from Michael Batio. Batio is one of the most technically savvy players on the scene- his instructional video in the early 90's immediately sent me and my friends back to our practice rooms. His clinics are always laid back and informative- a very good time with a great player. #MichaelBatio #MichaelAngeloBatio #Batio #Nitro #GuitarClinic #Clinic #ElectricGuitar #Guitar #ElectricGuitars #Guitars #Shred #ShredGuitar #ShredGuitars

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We're proud to call Billboard Live friends of All Music Inc. If you're looking to see a great LI live band, check their site at to see where they're playing.    

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