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Evertune Bridge Installs At All Music Inc. All Music Inc. was one of the very first installation shops for Evertune bridges, and the first in NY.We were all amazed at how well the bridge worked- perfectly in-tune, always.We signed on immediately.For the past 12 years All Music Inc. has been doing clean, professional Evertune installations for local players and national acts.If you are looking to have an Evertune installed, give us a call or come in the store.

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With 2019 in the books, Fender is putting yet another highlight on their American Ultra Series as we gear up for the Winter NAMM Show out in Anaheim, California. The line will replace the American Elite (which replaced the American Deluxe in 2016- I know it gets confusing.) But, nomenclature aside this revamp of Fender’s staple models has our shop particularly excited.

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If we take a look at the guitar market in 2020, it’s easy to see that a player’s options are essentially limitless when trying to choose a new instrument. When making that decision many look at brand, price, feel sound, and a host of other specs. If we could jump back in time to the “golden era” of guitar making, a common thread between major brands like Fender, Martin, Gibson and Gretsch was that all of their guitars were proudly made on U.S. soil. It seems to me after years of working in music retail, that one of the most common questions customers continue to ask when considering a pricey new axe is, “is it made in America?”

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These two newest EVH models we just received really struck me because I think the stark difference between them says it all—No matter what kind of finish you want, they are delivering. This mass appeal spans the generations- bridging the gap from rebellious teens to those who lived the Hair Metal days, to anyone who wants to get their hands on a great playing Wolfgang guitar.

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Here at All Music, we’re building guitars that are like no other. The main objective with the Private Collection was to build the guitars that we wanted to play and to be able to say “Yes, we can do it!” to anything our customers could dream of. Each Guitar we build for our Private collection is the brain-child of All Music owner Guy Brogna and our in house Luthier and Tech-extraordinaire Randy Weiner. 

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