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There are a number of great guitar picks on the market with grips built in, the Dunlop Jazz, Dava Control, etc.                                                                            But you shouldn't have to choose your pick based on whether or not it has a grip.You can make your own grips at home in seconds, allowing you to get the best of both worlds- your favorite pick AND a grip.All you...

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Come see Michael play live at All Music as well as tell some great stories, answer questions and autograph signing. As always, FREE at All Music! Saturday May4  at 5:30pm Meet and greet following show #allmusicinc #MichaelBatio #MichaelAngeloBatio #Batio #Nitro #GuitarClinic #Clinic #ElectricGuitar #Guitar #ElectricGuitars #Guitars #Shred #ShredGuitar #ShredGuitars

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So, the other day I was practicing and felt my left shoulder wanting to hack itself off my body and start a life of its own.I thought, 'Why does my shoulder absolutely kill when I'm practicing?!?!' and found part of the reason.I do much of my practicing while sitting down, but with a strap.I realized the strap was firmly resting on my left shoulder.I looked down and realized that was because the guitar was slowly creeping forward on my leg while I was playing, putting stress on my strap, and, thus, my shoulder.Having a non-slip pad on the waist of...

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