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Seymour Duncan is a renowned manufacturer of guitar pickups that are used by musicians around the world. Founded in 1976 by Seymour Duncan, the company has been producing high-quality pickups for over four decades.One of the key features of Seymour Duncan pickups is their versatility. They offer a wide range of pickups for different styles of music, from blues to metal and everything in between. Some of their most popular pickups include the JB and Jazz models, which are widely used by guitarists in many different genres.Another reason for the popularity of Seymour Duncan pickups is their attention to detail...

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We here at All Music are proud to welcome Tone Master pickups to our store. Bobby has been a friend of the store for decades. A vintage enthusiast and tone chaser, we weren't at all surprised when, a few years back, Bobby brought in a 59 PAF repro he had meticulously hand crafted. Of course, we couldn't wait to install it and check it out- we were floored. All of those fantastic PAF sweet mids were right there. Since then, his business has expanded with stunning reproductions of classic pickups. No expense is spared, time or otherwise, in getting the...

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