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This Teisco Checkmate amplifier was recently featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine.Teisco is well-regarded for their cool and quirky designs and this is one of the coolest amps out there.In the late 60s Teisco released the Checkmate line- these amplifiers and cabinets featured a great 'coffee table' design.The ads showed these amps being part of living room decor- people could eat their tv dinners while playing their favorite guitar.The front end of the amplifier is very straight-forward, just a single volume and tone.The onboard adjustable Tremolo brings that vintage tone to life.Come down to All Music Inc. in Plainview, NY and...

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The story of the 1978 Brass Ibanez Artist.The late 1970s was the age of brass everything in the world of guitar, manufacturers were making brass nuts, bridges, tailpieces, etc- all with the goal of increasing guitar sustain.The luthiers at Ibanez Japan decided to take it to its logical end- an entire guitar built from brass.Starting with an Ibanez Artist platform, the body, neck, tailpiece, bridge, nut- everything would be brass.The resulting Artist weighed 76 pounds and debuted at Chicago NAMM in 1978 others have stated 1979, but articles from 1978 show the instrument being displayed).The instrument then began a tour...

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This is the guitar featured in Ibanez: The Untold Story.The late 1970s were a time of brass.Touted for its resonance and sustain properties, guitar parts manufacturers were using brass for nuts, bridges, and anything else they could think of.For the 1979 NAMM show Ibanez Japan decided to create a spectacle- the solid brass Ibanez Artist 2622.Some have claimed it was snarky, as in 'Ok, you want brass? We'll give you BRASS!'The 76 lb guitar was a hit at NAMM, because, if you can lift it, it's completely playable. (someone call Doyle Von Frankenstein)This Artist then went on tour, spending time...

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