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Using solid Australian tone-tuned woods, Cole Clark guitars are some of the best sounding acoustic guitars on the scene.Now it gets even better.From May 25th to June 30th, 2020 if you buy a Cole Clark guitar with a value of $1599 or more, you get a free Blackstar Sonnet 60 acoustic amplifier.The Sonnet 60 features 60 watts of power, 2 channels, bluetooth, and reverb.Just send your receipt to Korg USA and they'll send you a free amp.Cole Clark and Blackstar- doesn't get any better than that.    

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Some would argue that we are living in the greatest era of guitar gear. With the widespread popularity of the Kemper Profiler and The countless iterations of the Axe FX and the Helix from Line 6 many players have completely written off the Amplifiers in the traditional sense. You can now have every amp, cab and effects unit with you at all times, in one convenient package, what’s not to like?

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This amp seems to be a staple, whether it’s live venues, rehearsal spaces, or music stores.  What leads so many guitar players to the same amplifier? At $799 brand new, with older models often selling from anywhere between $400 and $500, the Hot Rod Deluxe surely sits in an affordable price range.

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