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There are a number of great guitar picks on the market with grips built in, the Dunlop Jazz, Dava Control, etc.                                                                            But you shouldn't have to choose your pick based on whether or not it has a grip.You can make your own grips at home in seconds, allowing you to get the best of both worlds- your favorite pick AND a grip.All you...

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The Grip Tips by Dava came out a while back but have just started to really gain momentum among players. I saw a few demo vids/articles and just wanted to clear up some misinformation that was being put out there. The combo bag you buy in the store is just the different colors of the Delrin version, that's why a lot of reviewers are saying that the nylon, gel, and delrin all feel exactly the same. It's because all of the picks in the multi-color bag are indeed the same. The nylon and gel versions are sold separately as their...

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