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This is the guitar featured in Ibanez: The Untold Story.The late 1970s were a time of brass.Touted for its resonance and sustain properties, guitar parts manufacturers were using brass for nuts, bridges, and anything else they could think of.For the 1979 NAMM show Ibanez Japan decided to create a spectacle- the solid brass Ibanez Artist 2622.Some have claimed it was snarky, as in 'Ok, you want brass? We'll give you BRASS!'The 76 lb guitar was a hit at NAMM, because, if you can lift it, it's completely playable. (someone call Doyle Von Frankenstein)This Artist then went on tour, spending time...

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It’s the question that our wives (and us as guitars players) never stop asking! Some would say one for each tuning you play in, other say one for each style of music, and when you’re a gigging musician the minimum is two (one main guitar and one backup). Really the answer is somewhere between one guitar and “one more than you’ve got right now!”

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All Music Inc. is happy to have had the opportunity to host Michael Batio a number of times for clinics with Dean Guitars.Michael is a wealth of knowledge, technique, and, of course, hilarious and interesting road stories.Batio's MAB line was always fantastic- cool colors, vibrant graphics, high powered electronics, and 2 octave boards.After clinics, Michael would often stay for hours shaking every hand and signing everything, including playing/signing all of his signature models.His recent move to Sawtooth guitars of course signifies the end of his Dean MAB line.We have 7 of these beauties left.So, if you were planning on getting...

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Between 2001 and 2003 Fernandes made a very limited edition set of guitars to commemorate the release of Star Wars Episode II- the Retrorocket Star Wars collection. These instruments consisted of Darth Vader (250 pieces), Storm Trooper (250 pieces), Yoda (65 pieces), and Bob Fett (75 pieces). Each guitar was emblazoned with both character and Star Wars graphics. These were designed as collector pieces, but are also very playable- featuring HSS pickups and volume/tone controls- they look beautiful and sound fantastic. We were a Fernandes dealer in the early 2000s and we purchased the set as soon as they were released....

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There are a number of great guitar picks on the market with grips built in, the Dunlop Jazz, Dava Control, etc.                                                                            But you shouldn't have to choose your pick based on whether or not it has a grip.You can make your own grips at home in seconds, allowing you to get the best of both worlds- your favorite pick AND a grip.All you...

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