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 EVH Striped Series Frankie Frankenstein Relic Electric Guitar.25.5" scale length. 43mm nut width. 6 lbs 15 oz..77"-.82" 1st to 12th fret neck depth.Eddie Van Halen took the world by storm in '78- 40 years later players are still chasing his 1978 tones.There have been a few official releases of EVH Frankenstein Relics, often in the $25k range, but now the Striped Frankie offers that true EVH Frankenstein vibe for under $1700!Widely regarded as the most recognizable electric guitar ever, Eddie Van Halen’s iconic and revered Frankenstein guitar now comes your way with a price tag the everyday musician can afford in the...

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5150 amplifiers are a popular choice for guitar players looking for a powerful and versatile sound. Originally designed by Eddie Van Halen and Peavey in the 1990s, these amps have become a go-to option for heavy metal and hard rock musicians.One of the defining features of the 5150 is its high-gain distortion, which is achieved through preamp tube saturation and tube power. This gives the amp a tight and aggressive sound that is perfect for playing fast riffs and solos.The 5150 also has a versatile EQ section, with separate controls for bass, mid, and treble. This allows guitar players to fine-tune...

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These two newest EVH models we just received really struck me because I think the stark difference between them says it all—No matter what kind of finish you want, they are delivering. This mass appeal spans the generations- bridging the gap from rebellious teens to those who lived the Hair Metal days, to anyone who wants to get their hands on a great playing Wolfgang guitar.

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It’s the question that our wives (and us as guitars players) never stop asking! Some would say one for each tuning you play in, other say one for each style of music, and when you’re a gigging musician the minimum is two (one main guitar and one backup). Really the answer is somewhere between one guitar and “one more than you’ve got right now!”

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