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Today we're featuring the Blackstar JJN-20R MKII Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier.EL84s are at the tonal heart of Jared’s JJN-20RH MkII head.With a wider radius box, stunning racing green tolex and distinctive tilt-back design the JJN-20R MkII is as eye catching as it looks.Jared has been using Blackstar for nine years to deliver his unique BLUESPOWER tone.His high energy performances and ‘pick-less’ guitar playing technique have seen his reputation continue to grow year on year, as more people are introduced to his unique blend of blues grit and gusto, through to bombastic arena-size rock ‘n’ roll.Jared spent time at Blackstar HQ in...

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The Vai family are personal friends with the owner of All Music Inc.We were recently given the opportunity to sell some of Steve Vai's personal instruments and amplifiers for the family.Some very excited pieces are available, including Steve's Long Island practice rig, including his Ibanez JEM, an Ibanez RG, a one-of-a-kind Joe Despagni JEM swirl mini electric, and Carvin amps.This is an exciting opportunity to add some of Vai' mojo to your collection.

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This Teisco Checkmate amplifier was recently featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine.Teisco is well-regarded for their cool and quirky designs and this is one of the coolest amps out there.In the late 60s Teisco released the Checkmate line- these amplifiers and cabinets featured a great 'coffee table' design.The ads showed these amps being part of living room decor- people could eat their tv dinners while playing their favorite guitar.The front end of the amplifier is very straight-forward, just a single volume and tone.The onboard adjustable Tremolo brings that vintage tone to life.Come down to All Music Inc. in Plainview, NY and...

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5150 amplifiers are a popular choice for guitar players looking for a powerful and versatile sound. Originally designed by Eddie Van Halen and Peavey in the 1990s, these amps have become a go-to option for heavy metal and hard rock musicians.One of the defining features of the 5150 is its high-gain distortion, which is achieved through preamp tube saturation and tube power. This gives the amp a tight and aggressive sound that is perfect for playing fast riffs and solos.The 5150 also has a versatile EQ section, with separate controls for bass, mid, and treble. This allows guitar players to fine-tune...

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As we head into spring of 2020, I can honestly say that the last decade has brought on a true revolution in the way the we, as a society choose to engage in commerce. With the rise of online shopping through amazon in particular, the culture of shopping has changed. More than ever, people reject the thought of leaving home and visiting brick and mortar stores in favor of opening the laptop and clicking until the virtual cart is full. The triumph of online shopping has its undeniable benefits (Price comparison, loads of information and reviews, free shipping!) but there is something severely lacking in the online shopping world…Customer service.

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