Are EVH Designs Reaching Everyone?

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Are EVH Designs Reaching Everyone?

 These two newest EVH models we just received really struck me because I think the stark difference between them says it all—No matter what kind of finish you want, they are delivering. This mass appeal spans the generations- bridging the gap from rebellious teens to those who lived the Hair Metal days, to anyone who wants to get their hands on a great playing Wolfgang guitar.

EVH’s series of loud colors will always appeal to a certain kind of player, whether it is for the purpose of playing in a tribute band, or just reliving a certain era for the Nostalgic at heart. But these designs transcend the eighties, continuing to appeal to young teens finding their inspiration, and other students of music who may romanticize the times even having never lived them. (I know I fell into that category when I was 17- hell I still do.)

However, these exotic wood finishes offer a very different take on the same type of guitar—a much more muted aesthetic—stripping away the flash with a larger focus on a quality piece of timber. For the older player escaping the old days this might be a “Reformed” or properly “Refined” version of the guitar. One can make the argument that aesthetically it isn’t as flashy, but after all this is a tool to do a specific job.  These types of guitars seem to trend heavily currently, perhaps because more players are interested in tonewoods or minimalist types of finishes.

Regardless of taste, it seems like EVH is covering the whole spectrum.

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