Darkglass Microtubes: Studio Sound on Any Stage

                With the introduction of the Darkglass Microtubes X7 last year, bass players have been given a new opportunity to bring studio quality tone to the stage.

                Setting itself apart from most Bass preamps/DIs is the X7’s unique brand of signal processing. Featuring high and low pass filters (each with its own volume and frequency knob), this pedal allows for precise tonal shaping. The low pass filter feeds into an onboard compressor while the high pass takes care of all of the drive in the signal. Top it off with a 7 band graphic EQ, your signal comes out powerful, and most importantly uncompromised. This kind of signal processing is reminiscent of an old studio trick where a producer would often use two bass tracks – one low and compressed, one high and distorted, to achieve a very similar result.

                Having used the Microtubes X7 in various live situations, I can attest to how groundbreaking it is. After dialing it in and including it in my signal chain, I have found that I am now more audible with a degree of clarity I have never experienced before. Even in the most unhospitable and acoustically unfriendly environments I find no problem with hearing myself on stage and have never been happier with my bass tone.

                Having used it for the past year, I can confidently say it is a staple in my rig and will be for years to come. If given the opportunity, I highly recommend trying any pedal in the Microtubes X series, your tone will not suffer for it.

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