Dava Grip Tips Guitar Picks Nylon Gel Delrin Differences In Feel and Tone Review

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Dava Grip Tips Guitar Picks Nylon Gel Delrin Differences In Feel and Tone Review

The Grip Tips by Dava came out a while back but have just started to really gain momentum among players. I saw a few demo vids/articles and just wanted to clear up some misinformation that was being put out there.

The combo bag you buy in the store is just the different colors of the Delrin version, that's why a lot of reviewers are saying that the nylon, gel, and delrin all feel exactly the same. It's because all of the picks in the multi-color bag are indeed the same. The nylon and gel versions are sold separately as their own thing.

The nylon version is lime green. It measures to be about 1.25mm thick. It is the softest feeling of the Grip Tip line- meaning it's great for strumming, but not so much for articulate, fast picked passages. It has a great warm tone overall, the warmest of the three versions.

The delrin version is the solid color version(shown in blue). This measures to be about 1.10mm. This has a semi-stiff design. If you move you fingers toward the top of the pick, it will soften up well for strumming. You get a fair amount of control from the delrin(same material Tortex picks are made from) and you can execute some articulate fast picked passages with these. The delrin is my personal favorite because there is almost no string drag from the pick- feels effortless. Still a warm overall pick tone.

The gel version is translucent pinkish-red. Also measures to be 1.10mm. This is the stiffest feeling of the Grip Tips due to the nature of gel. This pick also has the brightest tone of the three. A bit more string drag than the delrin, but the added stiffness makes it the best choice for complex fast lines where pick flex is the enemy and you need the pick to return instantly from an upstroke to a downstroke.

The Grip Tips, with their rubber 'grip' coating, are some of the best picks to come out in quite a while. You should at the very least check them out. We are an authorized Dava dealer and can get you any Dava pick you desire, at the best price. Each of these is available in 6 and 36 packs. The delrins are also available in 144 pick cases.


  • Lasse Suurkari

    On Dava Grip Tips.
    Thank you very much for explaining Dava Grip Tips differences here.
    I was kinda lost there with all of the three versions here, and need for more.
    Even calling my supplier here in Finland didn´t help much.
    Thanks to you, I´ll now know what to go for next time ordering.

    Lasse Suurkari, Finland

  • Francis

    I hope I’ve understood this correctly: the polygel is stiffer than the delrin which is in turn stiffer than the nylon despite the last mentioned being slightly thicker (1.25mm). Your mention of a combo pack with different colours of the same (say, the Delrin) doesn’t complete remove the confusion. If one buys a blue one , how can one be sure it’s the Delrin? Or does it say on the packaging?
    I am wanting to try the Davas but am unsure of which one to get; hence this inquiry.
    Thanks in anticipation of your reply,

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